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Glass doors after our glass repair in Sarnia

Window and Other Glass Repairs and Installation Services in Sarnia


Is your windowpane broken? Are you noticing cracked or chipped windowpanes? Do you need glass repair or installation services for your property? We provide professional glass repair services in Sarnia and the surrounding area. 

Sarnia Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd is a reputed company in Sarnia known for providing exceptional services related to glass installation and repair. The residents and business owners of Sarnia have trusted our company for more than two decades. 


Glass Repairs

A small chip or crack on the glass can often be repaired within no time. A vacuum is created over the damaged area and the air and moisture is removed. This helps in removing even the finest micro cracks and glass can be restored. 

Whether you need a new glass installation service or a repair to the existing glass, we can help. . Our wide-range of services include window repair, insulated-glass replacement and glass doors. We also undertake home glass decor such as mirrors, shelves and tabletops.

Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable to handle all kinds of glass installation and repair works.


Our Process

At Sarnia Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd, we do not want our customers to go through unnecessary procedures. In order to achieve this, we first examine the condition of the broken or chipped glass in your property. If it is damaged beyond repair, only then will we suggest for a glass-replacement service. Trust our services and get your window panes fixed before it causes further damage.   

Get the right services from our company and be worry-free! To know more about our other products, check our glass installation page


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To learn more about glass repair services in Sarnia, contact us today. You can also view our list of frequently asked questions for more information.

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Glass Repair And Installation Services In Sarnia

Rely on our team of experts to efficiently repair existing glass or install a new one.

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