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Bathroom mirror

Stylish and Elegant Custom Mirrors in Sarnia


Add a Custom Mirror to Your Décor

Sarnia Glass Ltd . wants to help you reflect your impeccable taste and décor by helping you customize mirrors to uniquely complement your home or business ’ style. Mirrors not only add character to any room, but also provide an additional light source and can make any room appear larger without the extensive remodeling costs. Custom mirrors are beautiful and can be shaped into any dimension and style.If you are thinking about making a few upgrades to your room, adding a custom mirror can be a really good option.


Benefits of adding a custom mirror to your home:

  • Bathroom Mirrors: By using custom mirrors, you can make your bathroom look completely unique. By placing mirrors all over the walls of the bathroom, you can make it look bigger. You can even use recessed mirrors, which will provide you with extra storage for toiletries and cosmetics.
  • Hide problems with your walls: With the help of custom mirrors, you can hide a lot of problems in your wall, ranging from a hole to faded paint.
  • Makes your room look bigger: If you are living in a small apartment, you can make your rooms appear larger with custom mirrors. Mirrors reflect light, which creates the illusion of more space.


Customization Possibilities are as Limitless as Your Imagination

Our glass experts would be more than happy to assist you in making the right selection for your needs. There’s nothing we can’t do – you’re only limited by your imagination! We can custom cut glass to your exact needs, shape, size, type and thickness. Get inspired by browsing the possibilities on Pinterest or come visit our showroom to learn more about our custom mirrors in Sarnia.You can also call us at 519-337-7864 to speak with one of our friendly staff members!

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