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Glass doors after our glass repair in Sarnia

Glass Installation & Glass Repairs in Sarnia


In-House Glass Installations

At Sarnia Glass Ltd., our glass installers are never outsourced. By keeping them in-house, we maintain better quality control. We successfully install the following for all of your glass needs in the Sarnia, Ontario area:


Your Source for Quality Glass Repair in Sarnia

In addition to glass installation, our experienced team is here for you if you ever need window or other glass repairs in Sarnia. Glass fractures and breaks are unsafe, and we're proud to offer both glass repairs and glass replacements - whichever best suits your needs! We also provide expert mobile glass repairs at Sarnia Glass Ltd. While we do charge for the service call should you require a consultation, if you decide not to repair and get something new instead, we will waive the service call fee. Please contact us for more details, or to schedule glass installation or glass repair in Sarnia.


Safety is Our Priority

One of the many things we pride ourselves upon at Sarnia Glass Ltd. is our experience and versatility when it comes to working with both residential and commercial glass repair in Sarnia. Safety is very important to us and we do all that we can to ensure safe working conditions. We value all of our employees and are constantly looking for ways we can improve their safety and yours while on the job.


View Our Manufacturers

We carry and install quality products from several renowned industry manufacturers, including:


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Contact Sarnia Glass Ltd. for Glass Repairs & Installations

Please contact us for more information about our services, or to schedule glass installation or glass repair in Sarnia

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